The travel industry is one that hardly gets a rest period. Even during the “off-season”, people still travel. It does not matter if it is cheap flights from SLC or cheap flights to charlotte. Some individuals tend to travel more during off seasons as it is cheaper to do so and it is less crowded as well. The same way there are lots of lf customers, so also are the travel services providers. It is up to you to carve your own domain and stay in the competition. If you are a travel agency or agent, here are how travel videos can drive sales of products and services you offer.

Use live videos

Besides live videos, virtually every other video is edited. You can decide to trim out some parts of the video that you believe should not be part of the video. With live videos, you cannot do any editing. The best you can do is to properly prepare for it. The main advantage is that it makes your promotion look trustworthy as there are no twists and turns in it.

By regularly updating videos on the appropriate channel

The stats recently released by youtube on the number of hours people spend on watching videos a day is mind-blowing. People look at it and see the number, I look at it and see potential customers. Social media is also another place to promote your videos. What is more important is that you identify the appropriate channel and use it to promote your videos.

Working with video testimonies instead of written ones

Permit me to speak as an average individual looking for a service. I will trust the words of another average individual over that of the service provider. This is the more reason why firms use the testimony of people to convince prospects. You can go beyond the use of written testimonies and opt for video testimonies for a better result.

Using videos appropriately on your website

This is where you have to properly understand how to use it before using it. Do not just upload videos on your website and force it down the throat of web users no matter how important the video is. Instead, give users the option of deciding whether or not to watch the video. Instead of using the “autoplay” feature, you can use a directive text like “watch the video below for more information”.

Making instructional and directive videos

Most people focus too much on marketing to the market that they forget that you can market to the market without outrightly marketing. Not every video should be an advertisement for your products and services. You should also share instructional videos that will help customers use your products or services well.

Always ensure that your videos are clear enough

It will be a dumb idea to upload a video that is of low quality. Always ensure that your videos are of resolutions high enough for viewers to discern what is happening in the videos you upload.

Even football clubs use a compilation of short videos to hype a new signing.  So who says you cannot use a video to hype your products and services.

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