According to online marketing outlet Digital Sherpa, video increases audience understanding of your business by 74% and roughly 30% of everyone’s collective online activity is spent watching videos. That means roughly one-third of all online traffic is looking at videos. In this article, we provide a few business case studies from a different type of our clients.


Problem: Gas company Intergaz wanted to see improvements in their sales cycle through an increase in customers’ loyalty. Intergaz also aimed to outpace the competition and show a better online performance.

Solution: VideoDone offered Intergaz a series of educational videos for the company’s YouTube channel. The objective was to help potential customers understand how the home gas heating system works and what are the steps for installing it. VideoDone created educational video series featuring company’s representatives and real staff. In order to identify what video will have a higher conversion rate with the Intergaz target audience VideoDone created animated explainer videos for each product using different voice over techniques.

Result: Within a month Intergaz has acquired new B2C clients who chose them over their competition. Now Intergaz plans to continue working with VideoDone to get traffic from long-tail search requests.

Careva Contemporary

Problem: Careva Contemporary is an art gallery founded by Alise Careva. The gallery represents emerging artists from the Northern and Eastern Europe and promotes art by organising their exhibitions. Careva Contemporary struggled to attract art buyers and exhibition attendees.

Solution: VideoDone produced a series of 6 videos for Careva. Among them was directions on how to find the gallery, interviews with the artists and much more. Our team created a content schedule, defined a creative approach for the series of short and engaging interviews called a “Backyard Interview” and managed the video production in accordance with the gallery’s look and feel.

Result: After publishing the videos the gallery received multiple inquiries from the professional artists. Moreover, Careva Contemporary received several inquiries from famous collectors wishing to purchase the artworks.


Problem: Financial startup WestStein had a low conversion rate and high bounce rate on their website and wanted to reverse this.

Solution: VideoDone suggested to explain the services, benefits, and USPs that WestStein had to offer in a detailed manner. It was decided to create a short video to show how the services work and how the customers can benefit from using them. Following the client brief, VideoDone created a short product video which was translated into 7 languages and embedded into the client’s home page.

Result: The video created by VideoDone helped WestStein to increase their website conversion rate from 3% to 5%. The bounce rate decreased from 50% to 40%.

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