Why patient testimonials work

In medicine, one of the most crucial elements of patient-doctor relationship is trust.
Trust in the institution, trust in the professionals, and the facility are the key.

A Gallup poll found that the majority (63%) of individuals say that they base their choice of a hospital based on its quality. However, when asked what criteria factors into their evaluation of quality, they are unable to specify.

The study concludes that the majority of patients lack the information needed to make a decision on their choice of hospital.

Patient testimony could solve that.

Good testimonials examples:

Patient Testimonial (IVF) – Genetics & IVF Institute

Foundation Medicine Patient Stories – Linda & Dan

Case Study

Ms.Budovska notes that the lack of resources from the CRO’s side is one of the largest problems in communication between CROs and the patients.

Inna Budovska, Clinical Trial Supply Manager at RP Clinical.

The problems included are:

  • The CRO is required to call patients often to remind them of appointments
  • Patients often avoid getting in contact with the CRO (or trial investigator) again, be it out of laziness, depression, despair, indifference, etc.
  • Patients not always can be reached, either by phone or by email



For this reason, I. Budovska found that medical video materials were a convenient and understandable tool for informing patients. She highlights that it is much easier for many to learn with the help of visual materials, rather than verbal explanation. Also, the instructional videos can be watched multiple times.

The solution

Ms. Budovska was very impressed when she discovered the patient reported outcome (PRO) principle, where patients tell their stories and how the clinic helped them cope with the disease. This video testimonial format greatly increases the customers’ loyalty to the clinic or the CRO.

Outsource the editing

You don’t have to hire a video editor in-house to be able to put out quality video materials. Simply send your filmed materials to an outsourced video editor.
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