When traveling the world, there’s nothing worse than coming home and realizing your video footage doesn’t reflect the incredible adventure you just had.

So how do you make your travel video footage more creative, interesting and compelling?

The answer is complex but there are there are a few things you can do to instantly boost the visual appeal of your video content and really give it that *wow* factor.

  1. Find the most stunning locations

The easiest way to film creative footage is simple – you just film in an incredibly creative space. So when you’re traveling, how do you find those places?

Most people consult TripAdvisor or oldschool Lonely Planet books. Bo-ring.

Here’s what you do instead:

Open Instagram, search the location you’re going to, and get inspired by other people’s pics. Check out this article for a step by step guide.

  1. Set yourself apart by using one simple feature

There’s nothing that grabs viewers’ attention like something they’ve never seen before.

It doesn’t have to be something difficult. You can make this easy for yourself.

Choose one thing that’s easy to do, and stick to it. Here are some examples:

  • Where’s Mat? He does the same silly dance all over the world.
  • Around the world in 360 degrees – Alex Chacon takes videos on a selfie stick as he spins around in a circle. And he does the same thing in every unique location he goes to.
  • Experiment with POV – Point-of-View gives a first-hand experience of feeling like you’re right there. How about bringing your viewers along with you?

Find your one thing, and stick to it. When you do something consistently, even if it seems totally weird, it will be inherently cool to others.

  1. Optimize your tech and gear for traveling

For your footage to look great, you don’t need much. But there are some things that really take it over the edge. To separate your footage from amateur footage, use some form of steadying to remove shakiness from your videos. That can range from the higher-end steadicam, rig or gimbal (best for travel), or take a simpler approach with a tripod or monopod.

The DJI Gimbal is great for stabilizing shots on your phone, while easy to carry around.

Pro tip: While traveling, decrease resolution from 4k to 1080p – it retains good quality, while being easier on your memory card.

  1. Set the tone with background music

Music is an essential part of videos. It can be the factor that makes or breaks it. Take a look at this video by Casey Neistat – the grandfather of vlogging – and how he masterfully uses music to set the tone in his video, while presenting a trip in an immensely creative way.

The problem that many face, though, is finding great music that isn’t heavily copyrighted. If you’ll be posting your video to a popular video site, such as YouTube, you have to make sure that the audio you use doesn’t infringe upon copyrights – otherwise, you risk your video being taken down.

Here are some resources you can use to find some tracks you can use, without jeopardizing your video:

  • Facebook sound collection – a collection of songs (about 1000 of them) and sound effects (1,500) that can be used freely
  • Youtube audio library – a collection of songs that you can use – this is a great option, because you know that Youtube will never flag their own music
  • Epidemic Sound – a collection of royalty free music
  • NoCopyrightSongs – also a collection of royalty-free music, but the song must be attributed to in your video (gotta give credit where credit is due!)

Pro tip: You don’t have to limit yourself to one track. Think about how you can mix and match different tracks to get a cool and diverse vibe.

  1. Edit your footage juuuuust right

No matter how incredible your footage is, if you can’t edit it into a compelling video, it’s pointless.

To keep your travel footage from just sitting in your memory cards, consider these factors to make an impactful and creative video:

  • Play with different edits – from jump cuts to J cuts, knowing different ways to edit can up your video creation game. You can learn more about them here
  • Color correction is a must – color correction is what takes a video from “blah” to “incredible”. Check this out to learn more

These are advanced techniques and not for everyone. We’ve got to be honest though – it really does make a video look polished.


Meredith Marsh, blogger (vidpromom.com) and host of the Facebook group GoPro Enthusiasts created a poll asking members to vote for the most important thing in video creation.

You can see that the majority of people want their videos to be fun and easy to make. Also, they want their footage to look qualitative and professional.

With these tips and tools, you’re bound to start creating videos that not only look like made by a pro, but are also compelling and creative. And if you don’t want your video to take 7 years to edit, we’d be happy to do the job for you.

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